As a leading child welfare and care services provider in our communities, we work hard every day to provide a better future for the children, young people, families and people living with disabilities in our care. We are dedicated to our work because we believe that every child, person and family deserves the chance to live a full and functioning life.

What we do

CASPA Services Ltd. is a non-denominational organisation which was formed in January 2017. CASPA Board and staff are passionate about providing support and protection to those most vulnerable in our communities. We are committed to conducting our work with compassion, transparency and evidence-based understanding.

Therapeutic Residential Care for children and young people

CASPA is recognised as a leader in the area of specialist therapeutic residential care for children and young people who cannot live at their family home for their own safety and wellbeing.

CASPA is committed to ensuring all children and young people are cared for in culturally secure, trauma-informed, therapeutic environments by qualified staff.

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