CASPA Leads Iconic Parade

The Lismore Lantern Parade celebrating the winter solstice is a significant annual event for CASPA's young people in care to participate and feel connected to the community.  

Event organisers, LightnUp Inc again invited CASPA Services to lead the parade carrying the Pegasus Lantern.

One of the more iconic lanterns in the parade - Pegasus, the horse with wings celebrated its 20th year in the parade this year. 

Four of our young people who live in out of home care were so excited to have the opportunity to carry the lantern joined by members of the CASPA team.  The young people had such a great experience, they asked to do the final laps of the oval by themselves - eager to outdo each other with their strength. 

CASPA CEO, Naarah Rodwell says leading the Lantern Parade with Pegasus is an honour for CASPA Services and significant for our young people who participate with us.  It is a way for them to connect with the community and contribute to something that holds a special meaning for everyone. 

Now in its 29th year, the parade celebrates the Winter Solstice and attracts over 30,000 visitors making it a significant event on Lismore's community’s calendar. 

“The Lantern Parade always brings the community together and we are really grateful to Jyllie Jackson and the LightnUp Inc team for giving CASPA’s young people this opportunity to be involved, especially in Pegasus’ 20th year”, says Rodwell.  

We wish to thank the members of the CASPA team, their families and friends who helped carry the Pegasus Lantern - ensuring our young people could participate.