CASPA’s Education Program has a Transformative Impact

Our Education team supports young people living in out of home care with their education and training to ready them for employment - the program is integral to their ability to thrive in life after care.  

High school can be a difficult time as it is, and for teens living in out of home care there are always extra hurdles to overcome. Young person Sarah* had already experienced some formidable challenges in her life and in the floods last year she also lost her home and all her possessions. 

Sarah's story is a testament to the transformative impact on educational outcomes when there is dedicated support, innovative strategies, advocacy, and a collaborative care team walking alongside each student. 

Joining CASPA’s Education program, Sarah was paired with Education Support Worker Mel, who quickly became a pivotal figure in her high school journey. Through consistent tutoring sessions at the CASPA Education Centre, Sarah received support to complete her assignments, learn new strategies to self-regulate, and dream about what her future could hold. 

When it came time to prepare Sarah for her HSC, Mel recognised that a tailored solution was needed. She advocated for Sarah, requesting special provisions through the Department of Education, so that Sarah could be accompanied by her care team during her exams and thus had the opportunity to show her true capabilities. 

CASPA Education’s commitment to holistic development of each student extends beyond the classroom too, with Sarah being provided work experience opportunities allowing her to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.  

“It was incredible to see the boost in her confidence, especially in unfamiliar settings with unfamiliar people”, Mel recalls. 

The outcomes were tangible as Sarah went from struggling with her studies to completing her school assignments to confidently grasping new concepts and applying them in her work. 

Marking Sarah’s accomplishments through her final year of high school, the CASPA Education Team continued their support across the usual academic milestones to pastoral care and importantly, Sarah’s high school formal experience.  

The year 12 school formal holds symbolic significance – the acknowledgement of hard work and perseverance, the anxiety of exams and what lies ahead.  

Recognising Sarah’s formal night as a rite of passage, Mel accompanied Sarah to her day of pampering and readying for the event and in true proud carer-form followed her around with a camera, capturing the special night. 

Sarah’s success is not an isolated case – it is just one example of the outcomes that young people living in out of home care achieve through our Education Program. Personalised support, innovative strategies and a collaborative care approach are what underpins the success of the students. 

As we reflect on Sarah’s last year of high school and share in the excitement of what life holds for her next, we are reminded that every young person can overcome challenges, live their dreams, and thrive when they are given the support they deserve. 

*name changed for privacy