Making family restoration possible

Where it is safe to do so, CASPA advocates for family restoration and we see again and again how supporting families through the process result in greater outcomes especially for the children.

Jasmine* came into out of home care with no potential for restoration with her family.

In out of home care, Jasmine engaged in school and her local footy club and built positive relationships with those around her, eagerly engaging in the activities in the house – her presence and attitude contributed to a family feel in the house.

Even while in out of home care, Jasmine had a strong connection with her Mum which CASPA ensured remained and was supported.

However, her Mum’s sudden passing rocked Jasmine’s world and she began to withdraw from those around her.

Her interactions were reduced to only a few brief conversations and her school, sport and social activities were impacted by her grief as well.

With persistent and consistent support and advocacy from her CASPA team Jasmine began to reconnect and re-establish her relationships with her local community and cultural support and perspectives to help her navigate her feelings during what is an incredibly challenging time for a young person.

Included in Jasmine’s supports at this time was a member of a local women’s group who visited with Jasmine often, who, it turned out was a member of Jasmine’s extended family which helped strengthen her connection to community and re-engagement in activities, including her education.

Over time, Jasmine became more interested in the activities she used to enjoy and her attendance became more frequent and positive and CASPA advocated for Jasmine to be unified with her relative as being in her best interest.

There were extra hurdles before that could be a reality including securing suitable accommodation for the two of them but now, living with family, Jasmine continues to thrive.

So far this year, CASPA has facilitated the successful family reunification of three young people who were expected to be living in out of home care until they turned 18.

*name changed for privacy