The Tuckshop

Every step taken towards better education and employment outcomes can lead to improvements in almost every aspect of adult life: income, housing, mental and physical health, family and parenting, resilience, and self-efficacy.

The CASPA Education team provide specialist education programs for school-aged young people. The team support complex school enrollments, distance education students, students on suspension, and assist school leavers to pursue vocational education and training beyond secondary education.

Our team of educators work with disadvantaged young people who experience significant barriers to employment. One of these barriers can be the lack of work experience opportunities and other early paid work for young people in care. Workforce participation has many positive effects on quality of life.

The Tuckshop provides young people an opportunity to build skills in hospitality and a pathway to employment after care.

You can support the education and skill development of young people in care by donating today.

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