After farewelling Milo as he set off on his new apprenticeship, the Hammers 4 Hope team had a position available for another young person to be skilled and job-readied. 

Scotty and Dillon from the Hammers 4 Hope team considered a few potential candidates before offering the opportunity to Aurora*. 

Aurora has been focussed on school and participated in a “Try a Trade” program and became the top choice for the Hammers 4 Hope position – she was ecstatic when Scotty and Dillon offered her the role. 

Staying engaged in education is a requirement of the Hammers 4 Hope position and Aurora has already shown her commitment to this.  

She will continue to attend the trade program alongside her other schooling and work as a trainee in the Hammers 4 Hope team one day each week. 

It’s exciting news for Aurora and CASPA’s education team who are aiming to develop the Hammers 4 Hope role into self-directed learning. 

Aurora will be part of the pilot program which could count as credit towards her year 12 education. 

We are excited to see what’s next for this program and look forward to it making way for more young people in our care to complete their education. 

*name has been changed.